A Small (Very Small!) Gadget to Get Excited About!

features_design20090909I’m not one to get overly excited by new technology unless it really represents a breakthrough than impacts me in positive, important ways.  Also, I very rarely use my blog to extol the virtues of products (or vilify them), especially when they come from vendors like Apple who need no such marketing assistance!

However, I’m so excited about the new iPod Nano (so-called 5th generation) that I feel the urge to rave!  I’ve always been an iPod fan, and have owned several, upgrading with major new releases.  But the new Nano is almost miraculous!  It is tiny – weighs next to nothing (well, 36.4 grams, or 1.28 ounces), feels glorious to the touch and looks smashing (some critics accuse it of being too slippery in the hands – I say, “Get a life!”)

So what do you get in this 36 grams of shiny wonder?  In my case (I ponied up $179 for the 16 Gig version) I got:

  • My entire iTunes library (about 1,800 songs)
  • My entire iPhoto library (5,000 photos)
  • Several videos I want to have with me on an upcoming vacation
  • A very respectable video camera (with sound)
  • A very effective FM Tuner (with nice gimmicks such as live pause, and iTunes tagging)
  • A voice recording device
  • A pedometer
  • Voice-over that tells you what song you are listening to
  • Multiple world clocks
  • Plenty of room left over to capture video or voice notes

There’s the inevitable criticism appearing in the blogosphere – that’s ok – we need to keep Apple honest.  But I think this is a smashing product – a miracle of miniaturization, and, for the money, an incredibly useful appliance to keep in a pocket or purse to make life richer and more enjoyable.

Oh, and the experience buying the device at the Apple Store in Atlanta’s NorthPoint Mall was wonderful!

Thank you, Apple!

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