Apple Gets It Right – Again!

I’ve been a long term Windows PC user, from time to time using Macs for various reasons.  I bought my wife an iMac a couple of years ago, and “borrow” her machine when I want to do video editing or any of the music work I need to do as part of my hobby – it just seems so much easier to use and more effective on the Mac.  In my recent semi-retirement state, I felt I had earned to right to a more capable and enjoyable desktop machine than I’d had in a while, so after a relatively short evaluation I bought the latest iMac.  What a great machine, and, as importantly, what a fabulous shopping experience!

The Apple Store  – An Exceptional Customer Experience!

I’ve taken advantage of Apple Stores before (I’ve also taken advantage of Apple’s online store.)  Both channels are clearly superior to those offered by competitors.  I decided to take advantage of Apple’s Personal Shopping service – you book an appointment with an Apple expert for an hour of time in the store.  Booking the appointment was a breeze, handled over the web.

My personal shopper greeted me at the designated time and was knowledgeable, courteous and pretty much everything I had hoped for and expected.  No selling pressure – this was more about determining my needs, and helping me understand what was available.  Given the crowds that typically gather in Apple stores, this is definitely my recommended way to go!  Within the hour I was ready to make my purchase, and 10 minutes later was headed to my car with a very large box!

27 Inch iMac – Be Still, My Heart!

Compared with what I’m used to (16 inch Lenovo laptop), this is one, big mother!  The screen is spectacular!  The machine set up and everything associated with it is exceptional.  The way the pieces are packed and protected, the ease of getting the packing open, the simplicity of getting things set up is superb!  I LOVE the new wireless Magic Mouse – no scroll bar or wheel – it has a multi-touch surface so that you can scroll, swipe and click (yes, both left and right click!) with ease!

Just for chuckles (and to pass some time on a very cold Atlanta Sunday afternoon) I went to my Netflix account and chose a movie for “instant viewing.”  (The 35th Anniversary concert DVD by the progressive rock band Yes.  As an aside, if you are a prog rock fan, this is a superb disk – filmed in Boston, MA in 2004.)

In full screen mode, this proved to be a highly viable way of watching (and renting) a movie.  (In the interests of full disclosure, I do have a relatively high end sound system hooked up, so I did not put the internal speakers to the test.)

Anyway, apart from proving to myself that I can take advantage of Netflix Instant Movies, I’m loving the speed, screen size and quality and all the characteristics of the iMac.  Any I think just about any business can learn from Apple’s approach to design and retailing.  I paid a huge premium for going Apple – and I don’t resent one cent of it!

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5 thoughts on “Apple Gets It Right – Again!

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  2. Ahhh, the enthusiasm of the newly converted….

    On the other hand, I am contemplating going down this route again, since my mobile and laptop are up for renewal. The only issue is that I was somewhat burned back in the late 90s when I found out that on a Mac, things are either easy or impossible, to quote Jerry Pournelle.

    We’ll see. Enjoy the experience!

  3. Espen, I’ve found the Mac experience in 2010 quite different from that in the late 90’s. The gaps between the Mac world and Windows have a ll but disappeared. I’m hoping to avoid running Windows on my Mac, but if it comes to that, I see that as the ultimate “escape clause.”

    I was emboldened in part on taking the Mac route by a current consulting client – a health care enterprise where many of the users (including many in the IT organization) use Macs and seem to coexist in the Windows world with nary a hiccup!

  4. When Vista arrived late and not ready I decided to return to Mac (bailed on them in early 90’s due to being too expensive). I converted about 20 customers at their request. Overall was a disappointment. The people who turn on a computer, read their email and browse the web are happy. One person struggling with MobileMe contact sync problems was handed a 20 page instruction sheet on how to reformat her Mac after hours of working on the problem. Outlook users weren’t happy with Mail or Entourage. As Jerry Pournelle is quoted “With Apple it’s either very easy or impossible”. Each time I was handed one of these difficult troubleshooting tasks I would consult longtime Mac consultant friends who would blithely agree with the Apple support that we should maybe upgrade to new equipment or start over with existing. One interesting phenomena I observed was that many of the “converted” who would have bitched out Dell, Microsoft and myself seemed perfectly happy with the problems they encountered in Apple land. It’s a state of mind.

  5. I hear ya! And, I agree that a large part of it is state of mind.

    But, for the record, I do way more than “turn on a computer, read their email and browse the web.” I run a consulting business, so in addition to those things, there’s all the back office functions, front office sales and marketing, blogging, PowerPoint presentations, complex text documents, lots of graphics (Photoshop, video editing, screencasting). I also use my Mac for my hobbies – music editing and recording.

    I don’t see this as a pissing contest between platforms or operating systems – that is always a function of where you are coming from, and what you are trying to do. I do see it as a matter of customer experience, and there Apple mostly gets it more right than anyone else in the computer business!


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